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New Update: Version

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Please always update v5.x to this version.

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New Update: Version

Post6. Feb 2014, 10:39

Detailed changes in LOGINventory
• LOGINfo: SNMP: Unknown date format causes exception in LOGINsert.
• LOGINfo: SNMP: ‘GetNext’ command could cause infinite loop.
• LOGINfo: Not all Microsoft Office versions detected.
• LOGINfo: On Windows 98: double-click on LOGINfoL.exe don’t create a LI5 result file in current directory.
• Data migration from LOGINventory v4 to v5 no longer supported.

Detailed changes in LOGINventory
• Bugfix in Export function regarding MS-SQL and Oracle databases
• This version is the minimum for migration to the LOGINventory 6 :!:

Detailed changes in LOGINventory
• Bugfix in Export function regarding MySQL and MDB databases
• Bugfix in LOGINfo regarding Hyper-V Server 2012-R2

Detailed changes in LOGINventory
• Bugfix in Export function regarding Custom Properties and these Software Package properties: Comment category, hidden

Detailed changes in LOGINventory
• Export to LOGINventory6 function (inventory data, Analyse node, license management)
• Powershell sample script revised for better compatibility to Powershell 3/4
• LOGINfo: Bug fix for reading invalid license keys from Windows 8 or Office 2013

Changes in LOGINventory

• Better distinction of software packeges and hotfixes
• License violations now even visible in the LMC
• License reporting now possible within WebInterface
• Larger range for "Timeout" settings (relevant for slow WAN connections)

Furthermore, you will find a whole bunch of minor corrections which were published in several software builds since the release of version

We recommend all users of v5.x the free update to version 5.11, available now for download.

For more technical information please visit our DeveloperBlog.

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