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LOGINventory Build 1637


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LOGINventory Build 1637

Post16. Apr 2009, 08:46

LOGINventory 4.5.7 is available for download:

:!: Caution: LOGINventory4 is not compatible with Windows 7, Server 2008-R2 or later :!:

New features of version 4.5.7 Build 1637:
- MMC crash fixed when drag-n-droping Analyse nodes
- More steps for defining max. history for tables in the Settings node
- LOGINfo: Workaround for WMI reverse lookup errors

New features of version 4.5.7 Build 1507:
- LOGINfo: Workaround if WMI reports wrong CPU type
- LOGINfo: Workaround if WMI data from wrong PC

New features of version 4.5.7 Build 1327:
- Loginfo.ini is executed on Windows 95/98
- Netinstall prefix is evaluated again

New features of version 4.5.7 Build 1263:
- MMC crash fixed; occurred when deleting columns in existing reports
- LOGINfo: Monitors under DEFAULT_MONITOR will now be displayed when scans run via WMI
- LOGINfo: Invalid monitor production dates (EDID) will be disabled

New features of version 4.5.7 Build 1226:
- MMC: In Manual Properties and Journal https:// URLs are vaild, too
- LOGINquiry on Vista or Windows 2008: No more use of secondary logon (RunAs)
- LOGINfo on Windows 2003 SP1/2: No more use of Credential Manager
- LOGINfo: If RemoteRegistry service isn't running on target PC, try to start it
- LOGINfo: flushed output to console
- LOGINfo: Enhanced DEBUG output for PCNAME and USER
- LOGINfo: LOGINfo.ini-Flags can be set in command-line: //NAME VALUE; LOGINfo.ini has preference
- LOGINfo: If the default value of HKLM\Software\LOGIN\LOGINventory4 is not empty, LOGINfo runs in DEBUG mode

- MMC-crash when display a large numer of duplicates in a History Query or query with more than 32000 rows
- LOGINfo: PCNAME overwrite, if 1st logon failed
- Software Key and Name in table LI_ARPSW renamed to 'Software Key ARP Cache' and 'Software Name ARP Cache'

New features of version 4.5.6 Build 1120:
- Manual Property values may now contain URLs (file:// oder http://) that can be opened by a doubleclick
- LOGINfo and LOGINfoR are now interchangeable and do work on Windows 95 and later
- LOGINfo.ini: !SET DontScanUninstall=1 now excludes MSI scan, too
- LOGINquiry scanning from Vista is now possible by using credentials of a local user or by using an UPN ( .

- MMC crashed in certain cases while merging history views
- LOGINfo failed to detect presence of registry when used with Windows 9x
- LOGINfo returned corrupted values when retrieving certain REG_BINARY values
- LOGINfoR accepts /SNMPCOMMUNITY no longer uppercased only

New features of version 4.5.5 Build 928:
- Bugfix for LOGINfo(W).exe: Fragmentary.LI4 file
- Bugfix for SQL2000 ADO error: '...EliminateDuplicates...'
- new LOGINfo.ini handling:
- - pre processing: only !SET and !INCLUDE are executed (until !DEFAULTSCAN or end of file)
- - post processing: re-start at top and execute all but !SET

New features of version 4.5.5 Build 882:
- ConnectionTimeout now works as expected
- skip patch entries without display name and KB name
- skip Shavlik registry entries
- do not terminate on unknown ODBC databases
- do not stop if ODBC settings are invalid
- show help on Help / Help in LOGINventory menu
- suppression of duplicates and merging of temporal adjacent intervals
- duplicates in Software 'Packages' and 'Hotfixes' eliminated
- SNMP fallback if Ping fails now disabled per default ( to enable, use !SET UseSnmpFallback=1 )

New features of version 4.5.4:

- Values and strings containing '/' are now properly processed
- Reports now contain every visible column from loginventory.msc file
- Configuration: Task scheduler settings now work in Windows Vista, too
- Performance enhancements for MS SQL

- Crashing now creates a mini-dump within the data directory (pcname@datetime.dmp)
- Bugfix scanning monitor types in Vista
- Bugfix scanning hostnames starting with digits
- Enhanced software and hotfix detection
- Vista and Windows 2008 updates and hotfxes are now detected
- SNMP now supports 32/64 bit values
- LastBoot is rounded to minutes
- UserFullName is detected across domain boundaries
- LOGINfo.ini assignments will be executed only if method available (e.g. SNMP, WMI)

- LOGINquiry, LOGINsert and documentation now may be installed separately

Version 4.5.0 new features:

- Better SNMP Support for Linux, UNIX, VMS and some NAS servers
- Deleted ?Computers? and ?Devices? now remain in the database and can be undeleted from the ?Waste Basket?.
- Time Machine: You may select the point in time you want your data to be displayed and reported. Deleted ?Computers? and ?Devices? from the ?Waste Basket? may be included.
- You may select the language (English, German, Spanish and French) for menus and dialogs.
- WMI values can be read individually (just like registry keys before) via LOGINfo.ini.
- The estimated application usage from Control Panel / ?Add or Remove Programs? is taken and displayed.
- IP address that was used to scan (PCINFO_SCANIPADR) is displayed in the 'Device' and 'Computer' node.
- Windows Vista is now completely supported.
- User history is now really the period defined in Settings / Tables / User Information (default: 1 month)
- Basis for the new LOGINventory Webinterface add-on.

As the database tables will be changed to a format incompatible to the previous versions 4.0 ? 4.3, we suggest to make a backup or 'Export' of your database before installing this version on top of 4.0 ? 4.3.

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